The honorable Gladys McNair
              Mother of McNair Family, leader                     honorable, noble, peaceful,                                 pleasant, spiritual, loving, caring,                  respectful, and resourceful.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​​
 James David McNair
 Professional Comedian
         "Jimmy MacK"
 The honorable James ha
  an impeccable reputation
  as The Distinguished    G    entleman
​  THE
​​   ​​
 Members of The McNair Family on October 18th 2019 attended The Gala Event of Peekskill NAACP Award Night.. The honorable James David McNair was awarded The Distinguished Gentleman Award.
 Above from left to right: Randy Daryl, Eddie Camper, Juanita Powell, Denita McNair,Jamel Novh McNair,
 Cheryl McNair, Deneen McNair, James's Niece,  and Sharon Nimmons. 
    These pictures are photos of The McNair Family and Realtives. On the left is the parents of The McNair Family is Gladys and Detlaw George. On October 18th, 2019, The NAACP presented The Distinguished Gentleman to James David McNair (Right). On  the top of page are members of The McNair Family received that received award for James David McNair. From left to right is Randy Daryl McNair, Eddie Camper, Juanita Powell, Denita McNair, Jamal McNair, Cheryl Ann McNair, Deneen McNair, Miss Simmons, and Sharon Simmons. Above left is Gregory Carlos McNair. On above right is Jaquetta and her sons TJ and Jayon.  Below on the left is Jayon and Dave. On the right is Randy Daryl McNair and Vance Johnson. These pictures display some of the noble and honorable McNair Family and Relatives.