The honorable Gladys McNair
              Mother of McNair Family, leader                     honorable, noble, peaceful,                                 pleasant, spiritual, loving, caring,                  respectful, and resourceful.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​​
 James David McNair
 Professional Comedian
         "Jimmy MacK"
 The honorable James ha
  an impeccable reputation
  as The Distinguished    G    entleman
​  THE
​​   ​​
 Members of The McNair Family on October 18th 2019 attended The Gala Event of Peekskill NAACP Award Night.. The honorable James David McNair was awarded The Distinguished Gentleman Award.
 Above from left to right: Randy Daryl, Eddie Camper, Juanita Powell, Denita McNair,Jamel Novh McNair,
 Cheryl McNair, Deneen McNair, James's Niece,  and Sharon Nimmons. 

Media Stories


  Author: Randy McNair

Science Daily says Computer Animation “is the art of creating moving images via the use of computers”. 3D computer Graphics is basically use to create 3 Dimension effects in films. The original 2D computer Graphics that was mainly used for low bandwidth life like needs. 3D computer Graphics can also be used for calculations of geometric data and storing 2D images. 3D computer Graphics is a component of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery.
FMV (Full Motion Video) is known as prerecorded video. Television pre-recorded, video games, and animation are components of FMV. The studio quality of FMV has a high grade of quality than real-life sequences due to the digital re-mastering of FMV projects. Morphing is the special effects digital technique used in animation and films to transform images to a seamless formation. Slow motion effects are one the features of Morphing.
Scientific Visualization are components of computer graphics with interface design uses images to project data to users. Scientific Visualization is a form of data mining that produces abstract images. Bioinformatics, Chem-informatics, Medical Imaging, and Desktop programs are products of Scientific Visualization processes and applications that are created with professional effects. Application software is computer software that enables the user to give commands to the computer to perform any desired task. Media Players, Word Processors, and Spreadsheets are common examples of Application Software.
With digital eyes says Digital Art is the combination of different tools other than tradition tools used by artists to create their own visions, emotions, and messages. Computers and photography is two the mediums used by Digital Artists produce visions, form, color, rhythm, and composition. Digital painting, Digital Photography, Darkroom, and Fractals, are basic forms of Digital Arts. Digital Artists create Personal Imagery by adopting and exploring modern culture’s digital technology.
Computer Art is using computers to produce any type of artwork. Computer Art can consist of image, sound, animation, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, videogames, websites, performance, gallery installations and algorithm. In 1958 at an air-defense base, George Petty’s pin-up girl was the first human image was put on computer. In 1962 the exhibition of Desmond Paul Henry’s Drawing Machine was displayed in London at the Reid Gallery. In the 1960’s many artists began using the computer as a tool of creativity.
In 1965, the Technische Hochshule (Generative Computergrafik) in Stuttgart, Germany, and the Howard Wise Gallery (Computer Generated Pictures) in New York, sponsored the earliest exhibitions of Computer Art. In 1968 Cybernetic Serendpity, one of the most famous exhibitions of Computer Art, that was displayed in London at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. Output devices on computers began to surface in 1960 with Stromberg Carlson’s SC-4020 microfilm printer, which produced 35-mm micro film animation and digital art formats.
Other Output devices such as the Dot Matrix Printer in 1970, that operated like a typewriter and created arbitrary graphics, and The Inkjet Printer in 1976 that supplied digital color for software packages of the computer. The Adobe Systems that were created in 1982 produced image manipulation software, drawing painting, digital fonts with its popular PostScript language.  The vector drawing program of Adobe Illustrator was created in 1987. In 1990 Thomas and John Knoll designed the Adobe Photoshop for Mac Intosh computers. In 1993 Adobe Photoshop was used in DOS /Windows platforms. In the 1970’s a new the media art technique became known as of Robot Painting, which consisted of machine controlled artist grade paints and brush strokes. Professor Harold Cohen of UCSD created the first artificial intelligence artist that was a robot painter named AARON. In 1992, a 11’ x 11’ painting machine was introduced to the media art world by Ken Goldberg of UC Berkeley.
The Gertrude Stein Repertory theatre (GSRT) produces DPI (The Digital Performance Institute). The DPI introduces new media performance in the theatre with digital media technologies, stage artists, study guides on entertaining techniques, multi-lingual data bases, film editing, mobile projections, to create scripts, set, and characters. The staff of GSRT includes video editors, computer programmers, photographers, animators, costume designers, and stage directors. GSRT has Distance Learning Programs that teaches digital performing arts.
Computer Animation, Digital Art, Computer Arts, and GSRT’S Digital Performing Artists, are just some of the outstanding media art genres in the world of Media Digital Technology


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