The honorable Gladys McNair
              Mother of McNair Family, leader                     honorable, noble, peaceful,                                 pleasant, spiritual, loving, caring,                  respectful, and resourceful.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​​
 James David McNair
 Professional Comedian
         "Jimmy MacK"
 The honorable James ha
  an impeccable reputation
  as The Distinguished    G    entleman
​  THE
​​   ​​
 Members of The McNair Family on October 18th 2019 attended The Gala Event of Peekskill NAACP Award Night.. The honorable James David McNair was awarded The Distinguished Gentleman Award.
 Above from left to right: Randy Daryl, Eddie Camper, Juanita Powell, Denita McNair,Jamel Novh McNair,
 Cheryl McNair, Deneen McNair, James's Niece,  and Sharon Nimmons. 


Randy Daryl McNair is founder of the McNair Communications Website. In the video on the right, Randy highlights his degree plan and courses required to complete his goal for his Bachelor's Degree
at Empire State College. Randy's Biography is listed below the video.

Randy Daryl McNair Biography

                                                                                                                              Author: Randy McNair

My name is Randy McNair. My professional name is D.J. La Ran La Rock. I have been a professional Disc Jockey most of my life. I was robbed in 2005 by an evil Landlord that stole my business. I’m still a professional Disc Jockey as I returned to college to achieve a B.A. in Media Arts & Communications. I was born in the South Bronx, New York. In my childhood years I grew up in Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Harlem, New York. I attended Theodore Roosevelt and William H. Taft High Schools in The Bronx. I started collecting music (45rpm vinyl discs/33rpm vinyl albums) at the age of 15. In 1969 on Tremont Avenue in The Bronx, I witnessed a Club Disc Jockey using two turntables to entertain a friendly audience in a crowded nightclub. Thus, I was inspired to use turntables as a media art to transfer vinyl records to reel to reel tapes and cassettes.

In 1971, my family moved to Nyack, New York, there I graduated from Nyack High School. I was there when there was the tragic incident of a school bus driver was foolish enough to challenge a freight train. That accident destroyed the life of 27 students. In met a fellow named John Haupt and together we started performing as Disc Jockeys at nightclubs, public events, and private events. In 1972, John went the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Manhattan. I continued to perform at New York and made a name for myself. My cousin Paul Brown and I use to rock the nightclubs and parks in the middle 1970’s. My oldest brother Jimmy Davis McNair aka Uncle Jimmy Mack started to MC for the events and the McNair became known for quality entertainment. I moved to Peekskill, New York.

In the late 1990’s, as Jimmy Mack became a favorite at The Apollo, The Uptown Comedy Club and BET International Network, Jimmy Mack and partners created the Brothers Production Entertainment Company. In 2000, I became the Musical Director for the Brothers Production. I played the music pre-show and after the show festivities. I also played the entrance and exit music for performers live on stage. Jimmy Mack bought a like famous comedians and singers to Peekskill, New York. One Station Plaza and The Paramount Theatre showcased performer such as Hamburger, Freddie Ricks, Jimmy Walker, and Tracy Morgan.

James Davis McNair aka Uncle Jimmy Mack was in that tragic accident with Tracy Morgan in 2014. Uncle Jimmy Mack was a funny person since childhood. As his brother Randy, I will never forget how we grew up together as we are two (the oldest) of seven children of Gladys’ and Monique McNair. I will never forget how we performed together as professionals throughout the years. In Peekskill, New York I was robbed of my business in 2005 by an evil landlord. Jimmy Mack was also robbed of all his property by an evil landlord a few years before me. The landlord, Mr. Boyle disappeared and so did all of my D.J. equipment, rare music, new music, rare movies, new movies, clothes, and furniture. Today, I still seek Mr. Boyle, to bring him to justice. Currently, while I am a student of Empire State College, I am writing a book that will expose the evil of Mr. Phillip Boyle Jr. and Peekskill, New York. I praise the Lord (Jehovah God, that I had good parents to instill in me, to believe in Jehovah God, to help anyone I can, to respect everyone and to educate myself as much as I can, while trying to enjoy the best things in life.