James David McNair aka Uncle Jimmy Mack represents The McNair Family
                                                                              Author: Randy Daryl McNair

James David (Uncle Jimmy Mack) McNair (1951-2014) is gentleman, father, professional comedian, humanitarian, community worker, producer, manager, salesman and family man that more people should remember. He is the eldest son and oldest child of the seven children of Monique and Glady’s McNair. His siblings are Randy Daryl McNair, Brenda Ann Godbee, Gregory Carlos McNair, Jamal Jackson, Valerie Doleris Daniels, Cheryl McNair, and Pamela McNair. He is survived by his two children, Jamel McNair & Denita McNair and wife Deneen. James David McNair was born and raised in the New York City Boroughs of The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. James was a natural born leader and comedian, since he was a child.
As the oldest of seven children, he would inspire his brothers and sisters to laugh and smile to overcome sad events or unpleasant situations. James was also a tough fellow, he taught his brothers and sisters how to protect themselves. As a professional trained martial-artist, he trained Japanese Martial Arts to children, adults, and police officers at The Bushido School in Peekskill, New York. James was also a community leader that volunteered to counsel several children, inspired adults to educate themselves, and he volunteered worked at the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. He delivered plates of food daily to senior citizens that were disabled and couldn’t get to the Soup Kitchen. He was also a natural born comedian.
James David McNair was an inspiring entertainer that focused on being one the most humorous funny man in show business. Throughout his career showcased his stand-up comedy act at The Apollo Theatre, The Uptown Comedy Club, Def Comedy Jams, BET (Black Entertainment Network, The Brothers Productions. He also and toured the country doing one-night stand-up comedy shows. James inspired many media artists, known and unknown to work hard on their media artist skills and pursue their dreams in the world of show business.
James David McNair as the host and one of the producers of the Brothers Production, he brought famous skilled artist like Hamburger, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Walker, Freddie Ricks and a long list of other media artists to Peekskill, New York. James used to travel all the way down to New Orleans to perform live broadcasts on BET,  televised on every BET worldwide network. In 2002, one in between performances with The Brothers Productions, James told his brother and musical director Randy, “Show business is rough and directly based on politics”. “The right people have to know you”.
His brother replied to James, you are a professional entertainer and the Brothers Production Comedy Show is a direct hit. As the Brothers Production Company, we should seek the Sponsorship of the multi-million corporations of General Mills or General Motors. With sponsors like General Mills or General Motors, which is the big-time connection to promote televised distribution of The Brothers Production Comedy Show. In June of 2014, James David McNair and Tracy Morgan were their way to perform stand-up at a scheduled show. Due to an unfortunate accident, they never made it to that show. James David McNair will always live in our hearts forever. God Bless James David’s real family and friends.

Brothers Productions. Uncle Jimmy Mack. Aka James Davis McNair. Brothers Productions 2002
D.J. La Ran La Rock. Brothers Production Comedy

   James David McNair Memorial
     June 12th and June 13th 2015
                             Our Family Member
The family video on the right, is the McNair Family and Relatives remembering James David McNair aka Uncle Jimmy Mack. This video is filled with The McNair Family and Relatives cookout, singers, rappers, musicians, photographers, disc jockeys, vendors, municipal administratives, and speakers.

Produced Randy Daryl McNair and Cheryl McNair