The honorable Gladys McNair
              Mother of McNair Family, leader                     honorable, noble, peaceful,                                 pleasant, spiritual, loving, caring,                  respectful, and resourceful.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ​​​
 James David McNair
 Professional Comedian
         "Jimmy MacK"
 The honorable James ha
  an impeccable reputation
  as The Distinguished    G    entleman
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 Members of The McNair Family on October 18th 2019 attended The Gala Event of Peekskill NAACP Award Night.. The honorable James David McNair was awarded The Distinguished Gentleman Award.
 Above from left to right: Randy Daryl, Eddie Camper, Juanita Powell, Denita McNair,Jamel Novh McNair,
 Cheryl McNair, Deneen McNair, James's Niece,  and Sharon Nimmons. 
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Famous Family
Skilled Media Artist
Professional D.J.
The McNair Family is modest  and professional Family. James Davis McNair is the oldest sybling of the McNair family. The gentleman stand-up comedian, writer, producer, actor, community activist, loving father, and brother of Randy Daryl McNair
Randy Daryl McNair founder of The McNair Website, is a  graduate of Empire State College with a B.A. in Science, and a graduate of Westchester Community College with an A.S. in Media Arts & Communications.
Randy Daryl McNair is also known as D.J. La Rock.  D.J. La Rock discusses his experience as a professional freelance Disc Jockey, Musical Director, and Public Relationist.  La Rock also discusses his years at Westchester Community College's Radio Station W.A.R.Y. F.M. 88.1.
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   McNair Media Artists
DJ La Rock and Uncle Jimmy Mack
Two Brothers in their entertainment mode. Uncle Jimmy Mack (right), Professional Comedian,  and D.J. La Rock (left) professional Disc Jockey.

Family Members: Sharon Nimmons,
Deneen McNair, Juanita Powell, 
Eddie Camper.
Alternatively, when 
        James Davis McNair

The photograph on the right is a picture of James Davis McNair aka Uncle Jimmy Mack. Uncle Jimmy Mack a modest and professional comedian. Brother Mack was host of the Uptown Comedy Club in Harlem, New York.  He also performed at The Apollo Theatre, Paramount Theatre, BET Comedyview. Uncle Jimmy Mack was also  host, producer, manager, promoter, and public relationist, of The Brothers Production Comedy Show. The Brothers Production had reputation  in Peekskill,  New York, of showcasing  some of the biggest names in show business.  Jimmy Walker and Tracey Morgan were among  the list of Jimmy Mack's show business partners. He will always be  in our hearts forever.
The Jimmy Mack Family
Brother McNair and Children
James David McNair (left) and his daugther Denia (right) and son(right) Jamel. We all love and remember the Uncle Jimmy Mack and his family, with dignity and respect.